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So come pick me up. I've landed... - ~I'd~Rather~Dance~With~You~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
~Soul Of Serenity~

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So come pick me up. I've landed... [Feb. 14th, 2006|06:27 pm]
~Soul Of Serenity~
[music |OKGo - Oh Lately It's So Quiet]

Who else feels like their brain has been compressed to the size of a pea? Anyone?

My life is completely stressed beyond belief, and despite some of the more AMAZING parts of my existence at the moment :D, I needed to drop a few commitments that I had in order to remain sane. Sadly, I know now that i can't do it all, as much as i'd like to think I can. So until further notice, I'm limiting some of my extracurriculars for at least the next few weeks in order to focus on certain activites, and people.

This afternoon was so wierd for me. I couldn't concentrate during the softball game AT ALL. My pulse was going a million miles a minute, I couldn't eat all day, I couldn't think straight for at least an hour. And I missed him. Three hours and I was reduced to trying to call him for fifteen minutes. Which I finally managed to after a shower. Maybe I needed to clear my head to get up the courage. I'm kind of realizing that I've been deprived for the last four years. This is an amazing, and confusing....but still amazing feeling.

And why does it feel like I can't have an amazing Valentine's Day without everyone else's sucking? Though I guess it's kinda better than the alternative...everyone having someone and me being left out...AGAIN. *sigh* whatever, I'm happier than I've been in a very long time, and I hope to stay that way, if I can keep my brain in one piece for at least a few more hours!

mood: happy but...stressed?